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Hi Kent,
I’m not sure what input you’re looking for with your thread?

Don’t underestimate the importance of off-line promotion. Race cars are covered in it for race attendees and TV viewers. Then there are no doubt many magazines published and probably DVDs sold.

Any and all of them could be used by your many on-line competitors to promote their websites.

Then there is online promotion…

The only way you can attract a new potential client to your site is if they click a link to it.

To that end, the latest surveys show it is people finding links in search engines, then daylight.

The reason is that people use search engines to find new information when they want it. They predominantly use social media for entertainment.

Clarkey33, post: 204166 wrote:
Now search on Google the Heading of the Listing Protect Speedway Fuel Pump…

As you can see by the results the dedicated website ad has the Top 4 Results, with no presence of any social media ad to be seen.
This is not a capability unique to directories. Any website in a low level competition search market should be able to pull out specific examples where multiples of its pages list in the search results. Eg: Try a Google search for, “tecnomagnete magnet supplier Sydney”. You will find a client’s 69 page website that currently delivers every one of the first 30 pages listed on Google.

I suggest your problem will be your online competition from other vertical directories like:


Were you perhaps thinking that FS would be a good place to obtain a link to your site? It won’t happen here because your links above are “no-follow” and that means they don’t count in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Hope these are the sorts of comments you were seeking.


PS Is that a challenge BB1? :)