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I suppose i thought the article would be of interest to some people who sell online, I was actually testing the water before posting it to Customers and my Audience. Even though i have used this website for info before i was not aware of the building of one’s status, before posting such articles.

If you ask any Classified website owner i could nearly guarantee there biggest competition is Facebook, and if not now, will be in the future. Take a look at Ebay, what do you think the drive was behind buying out Gumtree?? Sure thing it was not all because of Facebook but i have no Doubt they see Facebook as an issue to their Business.

The Facebook as “Entertainment Use” is true, but they are using that to build the foundations of a very powerful platform, and no doubt we will see this into the future.

I agree with your statement about unique searches, but that is not my point. My point is a dedicated Website Classified Posting will show up in Searches where as they won’t if you solely use Facebook Etc.

My Site is 16 Months old and yes i am fully aware of my competition, which has grown 100% Since i have started this venture. As far as Link Building, not everything is about SEO, I merely have these here for the ease to reference and backup my statements,


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