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GDay Clarkey

Ah, now it makes sense ;) Just your initial post was signed off “Written by The Founder of w.speedwayads Kent Shelford” which i was not sure if it was you or you were posting a site info blurb that you had read…

Re status build up, no its not important to post although it may assist in your engagement if you ask questions re feedback of letter to clients, your site or any other information posted.. What does tend to happen, which you may have seen as you appear to have mentioned you have used FS as a resource, is some 1st new posters may hit with a tonne of info and include links etc to specific purposes that i am sure you are aware of.

Lets say your mates that you have know for 20 years put a piece of paper in front of you that is difficult to read, its long and exhaustive in its details and yet really want you to assist and provide feedback… i am sure you will stay true to your mateship and through this you read the entire document without skimming anything.. Would you not? and now lets say you met a stranger in a pub, your with your mates of 20 years and this stranger asks you to read a full page doc (similar to your friends doc) that is quite hard to read.. Would you give it the same effort to read this complicated doc? I know i may be a little too honest, but i would struggle to stay true and read the full page effectively from someone i didnt know, and also lacked the understanding of the information they wanted back from me in return…

Just saying..

Now i have learnt a little more, i will jump across to your site and have a look see :)

Be well Superman..


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