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Clarkey33, post: 204214 wrote:
If you ask any Classified website owner i could nearly guarantee there biggest competition is Facebook, and if not now, will be in the future.
Hi Clarkey,
Gee, I don’t know about that. Facebook will need to change into something unrecognisable from its current form. And while its hours of usage per month kill Google, its scope of usage is a fraction and slipping.

You are equating online directories, shopping sites and entertainment sites. That’s like comparing the printed versions of Yellow Pages, Trading Post and advertising during the TV coverage of the Bathurst car race. Each is used to achieve totally different communications objectives.

I can’t see potential purchasers of used racing cars going on to Facebook. Surely they will want to go to a site that lists lots of them so they can shop around where there are lots of options.

Clarkey33, post: 204214 wrote:
Take a look at Ebay, what do you think the drive was behind buying out Gumtree?? Sure thing it was not all because of Facebook but i have no Doubt they see Facebook as an issue to their Business.
This one I can answer…

Ebay approached Gum Tree in 2004.

The Interview: The mysterious founders of Gumtree.com

My understanding is that the Facebook domain was first used in Aug 05 and at that stage it was only available to students via edu web servers.

It seems the Ebay acquisition could have nothing to do with Facebook.