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Hi and WoW!!!

Thanks for the comments, where do i start……

Firstly i am sorry if the post does not fit into the rules, i am like most males and read rules and directions after i have done something lol…..

I am the First to admit that i use capitals mid sentence, Here is my Excuse. At the age of 8 i started to study music/play music. With Music you have the ability to highlight notes when needed, and tend to do this when i write, as to highlight for effect………..
Believe all not i am a shy person who is learning to come out of my shell, and tend to use my hands to talk, which most likely lends to the capitals as well i guess.

As far as Ebay and Gumtree, I have no Doubt that Ebay seen Gumtree as a threat in 2004, hence the reason for talks, but Facebook would of been a factor in paying the cash they did…….

If you believe Facebook is not a player in the Buy Sell industry, do your research, because they are my biggest competitor……………….

Thanks For The Feedback

Kent Shelford