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Hi JohnW,

Yes, One Speedway Selling Group is Nearly at 10,000 and another at 6.000 Members, with another 10 Dedicated groups just for selling Speedway, and then separate selling groups for individual speedway classes. Pages are not for selling in general in this industry so far, apart from mine. But Pages are used for Info and Results and the Magazines and Online News Websites are feeling it as this info is readily available and normally to hand quicker than any website, to the extent that most of the governing bodies are heavily using it.
The reality is that people have had to join Facebook to keep up to date…..
In saying all this i use Facebook to my advantage, I have a Page with 2200 Likes, 16 Months Old, that i place ads that people put on my site, I actually have a paid option for $2.99 to do this, but tend to advertise any ad placed as it gets Bums on Seats, so to speak. At this stage i do believe i have to much competition from any other Classified Website apart from My105, which is the market leader and has been established for some time. My site works and targets a different audience to some degree and my concept was to have a different platform to them.
Like I say Facebook is by far my biggest Competition. As i Stated in my first post, it is easy, but that is because the buyer is doing the work…….

Kent Shelford