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MatthewKeath, post: 204318 wrote:
FB is entertainment sure, but it’s actually quite a lot more.

Do you use FB John?
Hi Guys,
Please don’t crucify me for being brief for once on FS. I did actually say, “predominantly”.

“They predominantly use social media for entertainment.”

I should also have added making/maintaining contact in the case of Fb.

What people may want to consider are the different characteristics of these two media (Clarkey’s online directory website vs. Fb groups).

IMHO, the winner will be the company who works out the best ways to use the characteristics of their medium to the greatest benefit of their clients.

Here are a bunch of characteristics that are chalk and cheese between the two:

  • User intent
  • Target focus
  • Delivery
  • Transience
  • Timing
  • Choice
  • Information detail
  • Control

1. User intent
A directory of products/services for sale is aimed at buyers. The Fb speedway groups I’ve looked at are aimed at people who want to know what is happening in their interest group.

2. Target focus
Clarkey’s directory covers a very wide range of interest categories. The Fb categories I looked at can be focused on a specific make of racing vehicle.

Clarkey, What are you going to do about this attribute?

3. Delivery
Fb automatically delivers updates to group members. A directory website has to work harder to attract people to their info delivery mechanisms.

Clarkey, I’d suggest looking at developing an email list that allows people to subscribe to updates of more specific topics of interest.

4. Transience
Fb pages and update notifications are a 5 second wonder.

I suggest few people will open most Fb pages when the notification is about some product/service for sale that they don’t need at that time. I don’t think many will go scrolling down the history of an interest group page to see if there was something for sale that they now need.

5. Timing
Timing is the most under valued element in the purchasing process. If car manufacturers knew when we were ready to buy a car, they would send a limo out to us and give us a guided tour of their offerings. They would not need large numbers of dealers with huge and expensive floor plans of stock.

Purchase timing is part of the problem that ails bricks and mortar retailers and is part of the reason why online only stores are able to make inroads into the traditional retail markets.

This should be the Achilles Heel for Fb vs a directory of products/services.

6. Choice
When people want a specific product or service, they want choices. A directory should be able to provide far more options, organisable in the ways the site visitor wants.

7. Information Detail
Fb groups can’t give much detail about the product/service wanted. A product/service directory should use this attribute to give its advertisers much more scope to deliver more text and pictorial info than a Fb group.

8. Control
Facebook controls Fb pages. They have made huge changes that have upset/hurt many business owners. IMHO. local (Australian) Fb group owners won’t get any joy out of Fb if they have a beef with them.

I suggest this should be a major benefit to a local vertical business directory.

PS. Matt, I only use Fb as it was originally intended – to keep up with family and friends.

That does not mean I undervalue its potential to business users.