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Thanks. Actually the idea for my business came about through using the services of a competitor… albeit a different version of what I want to offer. So I know there’s a market, but I wonder how much of one especially given what I want to do sets mine apart completely.

My worry is more that these companies tend to have people who are true soloists in their field. Erm, as an example, let’s say my idea is to offer wedding photography with a difference. The problem is I’m no photographer. I’d have to outsource a significant part of that service to someone else. Whereas the competitors themselves are photographers and are offering a more typical service. I worry that not having that knowledge or skill will prevent me from properly creating a high-quality service or make me too dependent on someone else’s reputation.

I definitely plan to go through and compare and I’ve got one company that’s likely going to be held up as a model but I think given what I’ve just found I wouldn’t promote the business as being the best of the group, but as the business with a different take as compared to the rest. If that makes sense… :confused:

… Hmmm…. I suppose, thinking about it…. in my head I’ve made it all about X, when it should be all about Y. Going back to my example, if say I’m offering wedding photography done using… oh off the top of my head, those old cameras from the 19th century, then you’re paying for good photography yes? But more than that you’re paying for the experience.

So maybe it doesn’t matter too much about these competitors because I’m not offering ‘X service’, but ‘Y experience’? And the name should probably reflect that too.