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bb1, post: 204253 wrote:
What Jayne said by 2.

If we all looked at our competitors before we started and said its all to hard, there would be very few new business’s. if you think about it we wouldnt have Macca’s if they looked at their competitors (having said that it would be great if we didnt). But using them as an example, they have trounced the market, whereas had Mr or Mrs macca said its all to hard, this mega business would not be here.

I operate in a business which has as competitor on every corner including some large franchises, but we still do really well.

Look at your competition, but only for ideas and inspiration, than set yourself apart and tell everyone how you can do it better.

Thanks. You are right. And it’s not so much that it’s too hard but more that it’s just too financially costly to set up. I don’t have the money for a new business which means a lot of fundraising, and there’s nothing I can use as collateral for a loan, and I’m really averse to borrowing. I worry that I’ll get to the end of my business plan, see a high price tag for setting up and think “well, that was a waste of time”. I’ve never been at a loss for ideas so for me it’s easier to go back to the drawing board and try something less costly.

Having said that… I love the Macca’s example. Because it’s not like small independent burger joints have been totally run out of town. And that’s part of their charm: they’re anti-Macca’s for people who don’t like that corporation.

Maybe I can be anti-my-competitor’s ;)