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bluepenguin, post: 204272 wrote:
And remember that perception is everything.

You may look at a competitor and think “wow, these guys are killing it!”, but in reality it could be the total opposite; The owner could be up to his neck in debt, struggling to get clients, yet from their website and marketing you’d never know.

I agree with this. Do not let the perception of others put you off your own business dreams and goals. You never know what is going on behind the flashy website.

As people have been saying, seeing others in your business area is a sign that there is a need for it. The important issue is to try and distinguish yourself in some way. Think about what you intend to offer differently to the competition, and importantly how that will help your potential clients.

I run my own web design and SEO company, and believe me there is no shortage of competition there. However, the fact my clients are small businesses and startups, and that I price my sites accordingly while still being as polished as anything you would get from a large development team, means I am ticking along nicely. It is hard work, but my overheads are very low.

All the same, as James has posted recently, deep analysis of the competition is all part of the business plan. You can not afford to ignore this, especially if a large financial investment is required.