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John Debrincat
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dropshipnewbie, post: 204310 wrote:
Hi All,
Hope you are well. I am currently in the process of starting a dropshipping e commerce store and I am trying to decide on a niche. I am following some material that is based on the US market and its advises that I should choose my niche on something that has an MAP – Minimum Advertised Price. I understand this is an illegal practice in Australia. I am keen to hear how other people choose their niche. Do you use the Google keyword tool and if so is there a minimum number of searches you work off? Any info on drop shipping in the Australian market will be greatly appreciated


If you are trying to find a successful niche online market then Terapeak – http://www.terapeak.com/ can be worthwhile. It provides insight into what products and categories are most successful on eBay.

However if you are selling online I would also recommend that you have some knowledge of the particular market and products that you are selling.