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havingago, post: 204329 wrote:
I wouldn’t bother insuring the machines themselves.

Anyone have any idea how much insurance would cost for up to 10 of those little mechanical vending machines…i would probably just go public and product liability insurance I guess?

Hi havingago,

I insure a few vending machine operators and there is generally two ways of going about it:
– have a business insurer cover the Public / Products Liability under their standard business insurance package policy; or
– there are some programs out there which will provide you with discounted cover if you insure both the machines and the liability at the same time.
The premiums will vary between insurers, but I would think that based on what you have advised it would be quite affordable…

As mentioned, I do a few of these so am more than happy to have a chat with you about it – shoot me a PM or give me a call on the number below if you like!