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Severelylost, post: 204394 wrote:
You need to inform the ATO and Centrelink of any income, no matter how much you’re earning. It’s to judge whether or not you sre eligible for Centrelink services. You have to submit a tax form every year no matter how much you earn, nor whether you’re an official business or not.

October 31st every year is when you should be submitting a tax declaration. If you don’t you may be liable for fines. You can however submit previous years’ tax forms anytime by using the correctly dated forms.

I am not an accountant or lawyer but have been through similar problems. Maybe you should get some professional advice from an accountant.

I only started earning in September so I doubt I can submit a tax declaration. On the centrelink form it asks for the date on when I can provide income tax return. What date should I put since I have no idea when the next tax declaration is and how long it takes to get a income tax return.