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We’ve had this exact same problem, and it turned out to be a simple solution:

We were setting TOO MANY specific categories or locations to target for our ads. For example, on one ad we did this week, we had targeted the following interest groups:

* Small business
* Freelancers
* Self Employed
* Work at home
* Work at home mums
* Salespeople
* Consultants
…and a few others

Zero reach!

As soon as we culled the list down to just ‘Small Business’ and ‘Freelancers’, our reach started to magically jump up.

Facebook is great that it discourages the old ‘scattergun’ approach to marketing and allows you to target niche markets, but sometimes that can work against you if your niche is ‘too’ narrow, which affects where and how they can post your ad.

Hope this helps.