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Jenny Spring
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Don’t boost post — instead, open the window and just throw your money out there.

But seriously, if you want to use this fantastic advertising platform, realise that it isn’t for novices. Get yourself some serious training on it, or hire an expert.

Here are some tips if you are DIY.

1. you MUST use Power Editor, if you don’t you’ll pay at least 20c more per click than those who are using it.

2. you want to optimise for CLICKS, and pay at last 6c above the going rate. Otherwise your ad won’t make it into the newsfeed.

3. forget right-side ads. Period.

4. dark post ads are the way to go — use Power Editor to do them. These are ads that are not visible on your page.

5. do a combination of ‘organic helpful’ ads and sales ads.

6. don’t load up all your ads in one hit, Facebook is getting super tough and will close down any account that gets this wrong. Load up an ad, wait for approval then load up the next one.

7. use image size 1200×627 png.

8. expect to spend your first $500 getting back data, rather than making sales. You might snag it and make some sales, but if you consider that collecting data is totally invaluable, set your expectations on that instead.

9. split test images. For every ad.

10. split test ad copy. For every ad.

11. best to set up a 3-step funnel, but if you aren’t familiar with that, then just do your best.

12. best to send to a landing page that matches the ad

13. load on your conversion pixels — this is ABSOLUTE MAGIC. Even if you don’t get the email address from the person, you’ll be able to RETARGET another ad at them.

14. load up all your email addresses, create a lookalike audience, and run ads specifically at these people

15. watch your ads for 3-5 days. After 5 days, switch off the ones that aren’t doing well.

16. at this time of hte year, expect that it will take 2-3 days for ad approval (I know you think it gets approved immediately — it doesn’t!!), and then another 5 or so days to take wings. This is a busy time of the year.