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Nick the Startup guy
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Hi Jason, and thanks Kelly and others who have responded.

Kelly, I agree, all business needs cash to operate but when you’re a startup with no money and need some help with things like IT networks or perhaps some promotion or anything your business needs that may otherwise cost money, I think some contra work is beneficial.

For example, I’ve just done a contra deal with a travel writer for The Australian newspaper. She’s setting up her own small business with 3 others. I’ve offered her 4 weeks in my co-working space in exchange for an article about my business in her newspaper, hopefully the weekend edition. For me, an article in The Australian is worth way more to me in promotional terms than the cost of seat. During that 4 weeks, I’ll be able to collaborate with one of Australia’s top writers.

The workspace is coming along nicely, thank you for asking. Only a few more things to do and I’ll be ready to open in the new year.


SimplyReplica, post: 204440 wrote:
From a personal perspective, it also proves increasingly difficult to find a true contra/barter deal where both parties are quite happy.. One tends to be ok and the other can feel taken advantage of :(

Along with lovely Kel’s comments, the time involved in negotiating such ‘deals’ and trying to work through them tends to be so time consuming and tends to mitigate any benefits potentially received.. Understanding that service industries, such as photographers, may benefit as its labour related a little more than product related it will be interesting to see others point of view on this (even though you didnt ask this)…


ps.. hows the workspace going?