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Hatching_It, post: 204498 wrote:
I use DNSMadeEasy, can’t find any direct comparison of features/strengths/weaknesses etc, but according to Datanyze – bigger companies use DNSMadeEasy so it sounds like they may be offering a better service!


I have used DNSMadeEasy for a client site, I think in lots of ways they’re similar, mainly in their ability to create a dodgy A record so you can set the root domain to a Cloud service like Heroku (why I’m using DNSimple). I think they’re cheaper too.

Having used both, the DNSimple interface is a lot easier and intuitive to use (IMO).

Don’t know about other features, or their ability to withstand a massive sustained DDoS attack. From the little I’ve read it seems Amazon is one of the few that can take this kind of attack in their stride.

I’ve decided to stick with DNSimple for now. They are a small dedicated, and very personable team that run it, and are probably going to take a big financial hit from some customers because of it.

They run the DNS for some pretty traffic heavy sites, Github is one I’m pretty sure, and Rubygems is another …