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arrowwise, post: 204524 wrote:
No company is totally immune to such attacks. With that said there are some web hosting companies that have much better technical and procedural defenses in place to greatly minimise the impact of such an attacks. 8 hours of down time isn’t good in any ones books. If it happens again to the same level I’d be moving your DNS to a new provider :D

p.s that attack page showing the countries is neat, however it does a good job to almost crash my browser and computer!

I did notice the site actually got the fan running in my MacAir (a fairly rare occurrence).

Nothing I run these days is that critical, and I think they’ve had a pretty painful lesson.

I had a personal email thanking me for not cracking it, and I believe there’ll be a full post mortem published on their blog in the next 24 hours. On that basis I’ll keep giving them the benefit of the doubt.