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I guess this post is only of interest to a few, but hacking and malicious attacks are are real issue to consider when selecting providers for DNS and hosting.

This quote from the post mortem blog article indicates what these guy’s were up against … and interestingly, the support they received from both DNSMadeEasy and easyDNS (direct competitors).

“A new customer signed up for our service and brought in multiple domains that were already facing a DDoS attack. The customer had already tried at least 2 other providers before DNSimple. Once the domains were delegated to us, we began receiving the traffic from the DDoS.

DNSimple was not the target of the attack, nor were any of our other customers.

The volume of the attack was approximately 25gb/s sustained traffic across our networks, with around 50 million packets per second. In this case, the traffic was sufficient enough to overwhelm the 4 DDoS devices we had placed in our data centers after a previous attack (there is also a 5th device, but it was not yet online in our network).”

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