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I’m torn on this one.

As an ex-copywriter I completely agree with Wordsmith and think that the amount of time he has taken to give you such detailed insight into the content on your website should be applauded. That kind of info is invaluable, and most copywriters wouldn’t offer it up for free :)

On the other hand, I’m a social media no-hoper. I have never used it for personal reasons, only use it for business reasons, and have a measly 40 likes on my facebook page with no interaction (I will get around to fixing this someday soon).

So reading some of the info on your site does make me want to hit “buy now”. Specific sections like, “Your participation ceases from this moment. It is now a process that is to be handled by us. So, sit back and relax and watch the Social Interaction on your account roar” are well done. They make someone like me feel like the stress is out of my hands and my social media account will just start working like I’ve heard it is supposed to.

The copy is not all that bad (capitalisation a big issue – stick to the first letter in a sentence and then proper nouns, like names, titles or places), however I would not buy for two reasons:

(1) I only want people on my social media page to come from active, Australian accounts. I block all other countries from seeing my profile so that it is targeted. If I didn’t care for this I would be a step closer to buying. So for those who don’t care, you may get a sale there.

(2) If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You have overstated yourself way too much on your site. Straight away I don’t believe you are Australia’s #1 social media service provider. Maybe something more specific and believable here. And “We’ve been here since 2011 and have served over 20,000 people since then. We’ve also found that close to 80% of our customer base is so satisfied that they refer their friends and even return to buy more.” I want to believe you but I just can’t. If your numbers are right, keep them. If you’ve elevated them by 2000%, bring it down a bit.

There’s my 2 cents :)