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Jenny Spring
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srkelly, post: 204452 wrote:
Hey all,

We are about to start a subscription box company for athletes and newcomers to crossfit called WodCrate.
If you don’t know what a subscription box is , essentially you subscribe to recieve a different box each month filled with curated goods.

Any how we in need of a copywriter that can develop a ‘voice’ for our brand.
From the teaser landing page we are going to launch to packaging , we would really like a unique and witty branding so that customers remember us and keep subscribing.
How much should you pay for decent copy?

Any questions I will be happy to ask, if there is anyone out there that can lend us a hand thag would be great.

I have a team of writers, but focus more on sales pages, email, landing pages, ad copy rather than ‘witty branding’. However, I’d suggest you go to http://byjingocopywriting.com.au/ if you are after witty. They are great. Please tell them Jenny sent you!