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sourcebottle, post: 204510 wrote:
Hiya Rachel. So thrilled you’ve found us! My best tip for responding to a call out via our service is to consider what you write carefully, as a good response can yield significant media attention for you and your business. The recognised business journalist Valerie Khoo has noted what she looks for in a response to her call outs in this article: http://valeriekhoo.com/2011/11/3-steps-to-more-publicity/

What she stresses in her response, which I couldn’t agree more with is that you need to ‘show your hand’. In other words, state your position on a query, eg. pro-sugar OR anti-sugar and why you feel that way.

And make sure your contact details are accurate too. :)

Oh, and please don’t feel compelled to attach anything at all, unless it’s requested. I urge you not to attach a press release, unless it’s offered as a general backgrounder or supplementary material. (Journalists have complained to me when they’ve just received a press release.)

I hope this helps!


Hi Bec,

It’s nice to see you here :)

Thanks for dropping by, and for sharing those handy tips with us – I’m sure there are more than a few people in this neck of the woods who will find them useful.

Love your work,