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IncreaseyourfansAU, post: 204484 wrote:

recently opened, A social Media Store, to purchase followers, fans and likes to help kick-start a business’s Social media Campaign

All criticism is highly appreciated,

Hi {insert name here}

Without buying into all previous comments (although i find most valid) i would love to try and provide some information from an out of industry perspective..

Before i even get to the web site, i would like to say that your first few initial posts on FS would already be raising red flags in in my brain. Reason: no introduction of name or sign off in post, you ask for ‘any criticism’ which tends to infer you are already concerned with your offering/approach and one other post is about what the value is of a google….rog domain that you own? just sounds a little off key to me, but do not wish to say you are off key, just the approach could be construed that way…

Re your website, i am struggling to see the benefits in bold english on your site that tells me why i would want to buy FB likes from all over the world and inactive accounts.. Personally, i want likes from people that are local to me with target marketing and genuine likes…

Adding to this, and reading words and statements for what they are, you state on the banner at the top of your web site that you are “Australias #1 Social Media Provider!”.. as a consumer i am ALWAYS sceptical of anyone that makes such an outlandish statement like this,, It would be like me saying i am the NUMBER 1 Furniture Importer of Replica Furniture in Australia when i am not and without substantiating it. Am struggling to find on your website where you elaborate how you conclude you are number one. Is it by peer votes, by you simply thinking you are, by traffic, by google, by ebay, by FS, by your mum, by your business contacts, you get the picture :)

PS.. adding to the comment about being #1, i am not sure being the best in an industry or service offering goes hand in hand with the statement directly following your claim of being this #1 status holder being “end of year sale 2014′.. if you are number 1 i would assume you are beating business back that is knocking at your door because you are already the best so people are hunting you down EVERYWHERE…

Just an outsiders two cents..


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