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arrowwise, post: 204523 wrote:
I tend to agree on this point, however others argue that if you’re too busy looking after real clients it is irrelevant.

AmberS, post: 204527 wrote:
Sometimes mechanics have the crappiest running cars :) I’d look more at their client list and what they are doing on that front

I will modify my thoughts slightly:

1. Yes, I agree that good businesses are too busy to worry about their own area, whether that be keeping their website up to date as a web designer or blogger, or social networking if they offer those services. However, there’s a difference between having a low or intermitent interaction due to busy-ness and simply not having a presence at all. In my opinion having no media presence isn’t a good sign – especially in light of the following points – because the web designer surely has a website even if it’s not perfect and the writer will have a blog evren if the content is sparse or irregularly updated. In other words, some followers I’d expect but not none.

2. The service offered maintains that inactive accounts are used to bump up the numbers. In this case and given the guarantee of increased followers I find it strange that this hasn’t even been done for themselves. It’s pretty easy to get bots and spammers to follow you, but there’s not even that much.

3. Given the site also has numerous testimonials, ‘as seen on’ logos, and a statement that they’ve had X (20 000? and since 2011) number of previous clients, I find it odd that they still can’t manage to get one of these people to like or follow on their own social networks. Granted the business may be relatively new but there’s no reason to think you can’t curate your account at the same time as you’re collecting testimonials and before you have completely launched your website or business.

By itself, sure a business can be too busy to worry about it. In total with other problems I’m sorry but I still disagree.