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Our thread starter has been very quiet.

I would be interested to hear his opinion about his service and Facebook’s “Help” statement…

Why shouldn’t I buy fake Page likes?

Fake likes can be harmful to your Page. Fake and compromised accounts are unlikely to engage with a Page after liking it, which can lower a Page’s engagement rate. Facebook looks at a Page’s engagement rate when deciding when and where to show the Page’s posts and ads. If a Page has a lower engagement rate, it’ll be harder to reach the people who are genuinely interested in their Page.

Keep in mind that Facebook may remove fake Page likes and place limits on Pages that purchase fake likes.”

Do you give guarantees that your service is:

A. Useful and
B. Not harmful?

Then there is YOUR own social media profile…

As Severlylost pointed out…

With all the glowing testimonials and with your SM expertise, one would expect lots of SM likes and followers. What do we find?

  1. Facebook = 0 likes
  2. Twitter = 0 followers
  3. Instagram = 3.5k followers

Damn that last one is impressive, particularly as there has only ever been one image posted on Instagram. :rolleyes: