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JohnW, post: 204697 wrote:
Why shouldn’t I buy fake Page likes?

Fake likes can be harmful to your Page. Fake and compromised accounts are unlikely to engage with a Page after liking it, which can lower a Page’s engagement rate. Facebook looks at a Page’s engagement rate when deciding when and where to show the Page’s posts and ads. If a Page has a lower engagement rate, it’ll be harder to reach the people who are genuinely interested in their Page.

Keep in mind that Facebook may remove fake Page likes and place limits on Pages that purchase fake likes.”

Although not specifically relevant in this thread, I remember seeing the following video a few months back which certainly opened my eyes to Facebook’s hollow approach to combating fake likes.


The jist was that so long as you buy the fake likes through Facebook, it’s not really against their TOS.

This doesn’t necessarily reflect my opinion on the matter, just wanted to post in case it’s useful for someone.