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Hi Gizmo,

I’m surprised that no-one has commented until now – especially for a regular forumite like yourself who is always so generous in assisting other people.

I’ll kick things off by saying that overall the site is very good.

However, I think the combination of the busy-ness on the still shot of the video and the busy-ness of the photo behind it are clashing a bit – the contrast between the two styles just isn’t working for me.

I think the style used in the video is more in keeping with your other graphics, and your logo, and so might be inclined to remove all the photos and stick with a graphic look and feel only.

I also recommend that you update the phone number on the still shot of the video that appears on the home page to be your own number, because until I watched the video I had assumed it was your number, and if I were interested in your service, I might have been inclined to ring it.

Along the same lines, I recommend that you include your phone number in the top right hand corner of your site – when thinking about phone services I intuitively want to connect with the provider by phone, and it is important to be seen to use your own product, I believe.

I hope that helps, and that more folk pop in with their two cents’ worth shortly.

Love your work,