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Hi Sylvie

Some feedback for you

Social media

I have found that social media does grow organically, once it gets to a certain point. But to get to that point you have do a bit of promotion.

This promotion isn’t always paid.

For example, my business Facebook page isn’t linked to my personal Facebook account, as I suspect yours is. I created another one using my business email instead of my personal one and then started sending friend requests to people who I thought might be interested in me and my business services. (You should be able to do this by adding another administrator account to your Facebook page.)

I started out doing press kits for bands – so I made friends with musos (people who were on stage or with instruments in their profile pics) and every time I made a new friend I’d post on their wall a thank you and a link to my Facebook page, asking them to support me by liking it. My biz Facebook page has more than 1000 likes now. That isn’t huge, but it’s still growing organically with very little monetary investment.

There are loads of people posing with their pooches in their profile pics… targeting some local ones could be a good start. Perhaps liking the Facebook page of the local animal shelter and posting on their page (not shameless self promotion, but something useful).

That said, I’ve managed some pretty huge social media pages, growing one from 29,000 followers to 63,000 followers in under 18 months. And key to that was content. Regular, creative, informative content, with simple calls to action.

I developed a communications calendar, ensured that we posted 3-5 times per week. And then occasionally used the promote post option, which I find works better than advertising, targeting a specific audience by special interests.

It’s also important to remember one advertisement or even five won’t do it. It’s about building brand awareness, which takes time.

Public relations

As a former journalist, I’m also thinking there is an opportunity for some nice PR around your business. Perhaps you could support the RSPCA Cupcake Day and send a media release and nice photo to the local paper? Or you could do an ad hoc fundraiser – for every 100 likes you’ll donate $10 to the RSPCA?

Newspapers won’t run a story on a new business, but they do like charity/human interest stories, especially around this time of year when news is slow. I did a blog a little while ago on why now is a good time to send out a media release – it could provide some food for thought, so here’s the link.

The website is great, but there isn’t a lot of content – especially on your landing page. This may negatively impact your SEO and the ability for people to find you using keyword searches. I’d suggest having an SEO web copywriter review your copy and make sure its has been search engine optimised to help generate leads.

Wishing you much success in business and beyond!