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A public relations campaign for a business of your size would start off small and be completely self manageable.
You’d make it very targeted – the local paper, for instance, so you can attract local clients.
I do PR Mentoring Workshops for small businesses and you’d be surprised at how many get picked up – one even made Channel 7 news!
Government agencies and big business close down over Xmas, which means news sources are in short supply but the same amount of newspaper space needs to be filled.
A feel good story like this would go down a treat – perhaps something about caring for your animals in the summer months (storms, heat, grooming etc.) would also work. You just need to position yourself as a bit of an expert and offer free information/advice to market your business in a subtle manner – usually the most successful way!

sylv, post: 204506 wrote:
When I hear “media release” I think of government or big corporations. This is something I still need to get my head around how PR can work for a one-person start-up.