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Tony Manto
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Hi Megs, yes this can be a hard one to predict and nearly impossible to answer. However you can work out how much you need to sell to be profitable.

Lets say your total outgoings is $5,000 per week.

You can then calculate what you think your average dollar sale would be.

Say $150

Therefore $5,000 / 150 = 33 sales = 5.5 sales per day in a six day week.

Is this possible? You may want to approach the council and get a demographic snap shot of your area.

Try and identify your idea client and work on the 80/20 rule. If you can identify that there are 10,000 ideal clients I would calculate that 20% might be real clients = 2,000.

And then I would calculate that 20% of that might buy from you= 200 x 150 = $30,000 x 3 time a year = $90,000

This is all theory but at least it give you a mathematical sound starting point.