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JohnW, post: 204549 wrote:
Hi All,
The Wayback Machine is an archive of web pages that goes back to 1996. What it does is keep snapshots of websites and their pages. You can enter the address of a website and view how it has evolved over the years.

For those not familiar with the site, it might be best to add a qualifier:

The Wayback Machine archives websites at a regular interval, which means it won’t have captured every day, every change, or every page. The longer your site sits on the internet, the more likely it will have been captured; but that’s no guarantee that you will find a snapshot of something you’re particularly looking for.

It also doesn’t often keep a copy of images or files, but the larger Archive website is also a repository for other things. The Wayback Machine is part of a larger collection of online books, films, documents, and so on. The site is really worth a browse if you’re at all into online archival material.