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i have a lot of experience with freight from online sales no matter where its coming from eg: your house/shop/distributer

when i deal with clients the LAST thing they think of is freight when it should be the first.

i had a client with a $200 but was so heavy it had a $250 freight charge !!!! ….. dead in the water

there is weight but there is also size, a pillow costs as much to ship from sydney to perth as something that weight 4kgs because of its size ( this is just an example so don’t correct me on facts )

then you have ” shopping cart failure” its where someone goes to buy then the freight gets added and the LEAVE.

so its a balance, you need a product that is expensive enough to justify the freight but not to cheap to scare the freight cost and not to expensive to warrant the freight………. does that make sense?

we have products that sell for @ $ 79 but still people pay $24 in freight ! YES it confuses me also.

“flat rate shipping” to me that always is worthless, if you do flat rate then from a marketing point of view do ” NO SHIPPING ” and add the flat rate to the product, its sounds soooooo much better.

we do high $xx xxx each year, so freight programming is a must

our sites are calculated to postcodes, all 8000+ in australia, so the ones that are close get charged $6 but far away $24 and we have set up 7 zone prices, 6,8,12,14,16,18,24, once the client enters the recipients address it calculates the fee, these are all reviewed with our courier costs so we don’t lose money as that can silently EAT away at your profit.

i hope that is some more info for you