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Hi Lizzie
As a copywriter, I’d suggest investing some time in establishing long term relationships with a few repeat clients.
I find most of my repeat clients are people I take the time to develop a bit of a relationship with – usually people I come into contact with multiple times through my everyday activities (gym, physio, grabbing a coffee at the local café, etc).
I love my work, so I talk about it a lot. Once they see I am passionate and know what I’m talking about – and I know them, what their business is, what they are working towards, and can give some sound recommendations – they are really keen to have me work on their projects. I then develop a communications strategy for them that is ongoing.
The referrals on from this is good. Being referred onto friends is nice, but family is even better and I’m getting that quite a bit these days too :)
Hope this helps, but don’t feel alone. There’s plenty of support here in the forums and I’m sure you’ll have much success in business and beyond!