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Jade Taylor
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Hi Petar
I can’t give owner advices but I 100% agree with everything Rowan said, both in store and online. It’s all about warmth and comfort.

If your not on social media yet, get on Facebook and Instagram, link them together and make sure you get lots of inviting images of how warm and cosy your cafe is. The same goes with summer. Iced coffees, fresh salads. Make sure people can see it.

If you do it right the season wont matter. I love my coffee and I will bring my computer to your cafe if it’s more inviting than my office no matter the weather.

If you want free information for marketing cafes online and mobile, check out my blog. We have just launched a new business called Creative Cafe Apps, the link is in my signature. The site just went up today but we will start posting articles in the next few days.

I hope this helps.