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I’m not sure I’d use the word abuse, but I do see some very ordinary mobile responsive sites.

The main offender is poorly configured JavaScript plugins imo. Often when you test a sites speed, the number of requests to get a page to actually start to “render” (visible content) is in excess of 100 … nearly always it’s JavaScript plugins trying to load.

Many CMS “static” pages are built using the admin backend which means they have to be retrieved from the database (multiple trips back to the server), not a great way to optimise speed.

There’s plenty more weak links, but you start getting into “eyes glazing over” territory for most people explaining them.

Part of the issue is that it’s almost “too easy” to get a site up and running, optimising can’t be completely fixed with another plugin … you actually need to understand how the whole thing works. Too many don’t, and the developers/designers that do, don’t come cheap usually.

In my opinion the days of getting up and running cheaply and simply on the web are rapidly disappearing … you’ll still be able to do it, you’ll just be lost the soup if you don’t make the cut, and Google is rapidly raising the bar.

The whole mobile/multi screen thing is evolving rapidly. New libraries of code, frameworks, even new programming languages for the web are arriving almost daily. Google is promoting a couple and Apple has just released a new one … both see a merging of web apps with native as the web and browsers improve.

Here’s a link to an article that appeared in last weeks HTML Weekly

The future of the Web (according to Google)

Eventually the penny will drop with small business, and they’ll stop selecting designer/developers on price.