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Google and others appear to be throwing a lot of mud at the wall, hoping that something sticks.

They’re all happy to abandon ship and move on if the idea doesn’t get traction quickly.

The biggy on mobile, is storage in the browser and accessing the underlying hardware so the crap connection issue disappears and the difference between a “web” app and native disappears. A lot of this stuff is working now, and there’s not as much of an issue with catering to “legacy” browsers on mobile.

Given that a merging of native and Web apps is happening and accelerating, I doubt it’s going to get any simpler any time soon. It will appear simpler and smoother to the end user (for the sites that get it right), but I doubt a DIY CMS on cheap hosting is going to make the grade for any serious value added business site.

Bit much for an old brain to take in sometimes, I just start to get a little comfy and some one keeps shifting the goal posts :)