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estim8, post: 204698 wrote:
Bit much for an old brain to take in sometimes, I just start to get a little comfy and some one keeps shifting the goal posts :)
Hi Estim8,
I take it you’re a mature age programmer and I’m just an old fart marketer. What hope do the poor bloody FS business owners have when we start rabbiting on…

Let me ask your opinion about the most basic of issues with mobile websites:

  • If someone proposes publishing a mobile Home page with in excess of 2 megs of image files, would you advise them to tell their site designer/developer to POQ?
  • What would you suggest is a reasonable maximum request query number that a business owner should specify to their web designer?
  • Would you encourage business owners to insist on specifying a maximum load speed in their web design brief/contract with their designers?