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Mature age is a very polite way of putting it John. I get a lot worse than that closer to home. Some even cast aspersions on the marital status of my parents.

I’ve learnt that in polite society when eyes start glazing over it’s time to shut up. I get to keep going on a forum :)

Business success is not a simple process, the learning curve has always been steep. Technology, while offering huge leverage if you get it right, is not a push button process.

Those astute enough will really listen and increase their chances of success. Most will hear what they want to hear, or remember what some mate told them … statistically these are the ones that will stay among the masses wondering why they can’t get “lucky”.

On the specifics, I subscribe to a few ideas that I think work.

1. I would’t be happy about a huge image file download. The first thing I tell anyone that’s interested enough to listen is “Google is blind”, load up the images at your peril.

2.I like to see “useful content” in under three seconds, if some peripheral stuff is still loading for another second or two I think you can get away with it to some extent. Especially if it’s a smooth asynchronous process.

3. Request queries are only an issue if they’re not coming from a properly optimised site on a good server. I’ve seen sites of better than a hundred requests perform to my criteria, and sites of less than ten fail ??? It’s always a trade off imo … a balance between the message you need to deliver and the point at which a user will hit the back button because they’re bored (not long). The better the developer, the longer the message and info you can deliver will be.

And yes, I would tell a business to put a load time limit on a developer, but to also expect the developer to arc up if they keep trying to put ten pound of flour in a six pound bag … often they have a significant “other” or a designer friend with an opinion that counts (why I’ve never figured out).

I really like good design in a site, but I often feel “less is more” works better, good design doesn’t need lots of trick shots and widgets to impress imo.