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the real estate industry has been know as the most ruthless of all industries, i know this as my father was a realestate agent for over 40 years but never ripped anyone off, i know this because he is now retired and his past clients all hire me for their web design work so WHO would hire the son ?????????

the good thing about this is the real estate organisations have set up STRICT rules to make sure their credibility is keep ok otherwise the whole thing will crash.

so do some research on the agent and his affiliations/memberships etc to realestate organisations , then just phone the person and ask for your money back.

if they say NO, do NOT make threats, gather information first, see where you stand.

” time brings options”

its only a deposit, so no sale can be made.

TRYYYYYY not to go legal as only the lawyers win.

i was once sued for $2000 and it cost me $2500 to defend myself and win !

USE the organisations to do the work for you, real estate agents can NOT afford to get kicked out of “their club”

ring whatever they are affiliated with and be REALLY nice to the first person who answers, they will give you the right info and put you in the right direct.

but as i said, just ring the person first. don’t email.