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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi Georgia,

Thanks for joining Flying Solo.

It seems a couple of your posts got stuck in moderation this arvo but they’re all up and running now. Congrats on the business – love the website :)

It can take a while to build up awareness and get the name out! For a business with such delicious visuals of your products and store, I would think social media would be a perfect way to generate interest – especially image based options like Instagram and Pinterest. I see you’re doing nicely on Facebook so far.

Coincidentally we just interviewed a cake artist called Sharon Wee on our podcast. While I know it’s not exactly the same business, she talks about how she grew the business and brand by building a community on social media, and how she grew from none to 185,000 Facebook likers. Could be worth a listen.

I’d also recommend adding a post signature with a link to your website so that it appears beneath each post you make. You can edit that in control panel.

All the best with the business.