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OMG – Brownie ice cream?! How freakin’ fabulous :D

A few suggestions to boost awareness:

1 – SEO

Your website has very little written content on it. This is essential for search engine optimization. Hire an SEO copywriter to create some dynamic sales copy that is deliciously keyword rich.

2 – Address

Where are these brownies? Where do I get one? … Put your address at the top of the page. I had to scroll down to discover the actual physical location.

3 – Direct mail

I would recommend pulling together a beautiful brochure and start pitching to corporates. Leave some on your counter top too and maybe offer a free sample along side them.

4 – Catering page

Make sure you have a ‘catering’ page on your website and make sure it is search engine optimized.

5 – Social.

Post every day. Not shameless self promotion, but cute, funny engaging posts with plenty of images that make mouths water.

Hope this is of some assistance. If you need some help, just shout!