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John Debrincat
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Jesse D, post: 204714 wrote:
Hey guys, I’ve been reading over this site for the past two hours and it has piqued my interest. A lot of people seem to have some very solid advice on their experiences and what to do with running an online store or site.

I figure id introduce myself and let you know a bit about me.

Im 23 years old and currently in a dead end job. Didn’t go to uni, and have always worked in sales. Primarily ive done telesales and face to face sales.

Basically I’ve come to the point where i want to do my own thing- i don’t want to work for someone else but rather myself.

What i want to achieve is an online store with a system where i basically act as the middle man for wholesalers or small businesses. My idea is to act as a source of free advertising for clients, and then charge a small commission based on each sale.

This is just an idea in my head at the moment, ive got nothing established at this point, but the purpose is to see if the idea has any stock before i dive into anything.

Thanks in advance guys :)

Hello Jesse,

It is a very good time for ecommerce as more and more people are searching and buying online. So more businesses are setting up an online presence to sell their products online.

If I understand what you what to do it is like a marketplace where you will allow your customers (small businesses) to create and post a listing for a product and then if someone clicks on the listing and buys the product you charge your customer a fee based in the sale value.

Have I got it correct?

If I have then you want to be very sure of your business plan and marketing capabilities. Basically you will be up against some big players in that field like Google Shopping, Getprice, eBay Merchant Centre to mention a few. But there are lots of smaller vertical market sites around a specific market.

These types of sites can be quite complex to build and run.

The biggest issue is the marketing as you need to get your site found in order to provide value to your customers. So there is a high cost of marketing and SEO related to successful marketplace sites.

You need to also understand how you will get paid. If you don’t control the transaction, which you won’t, then you need a recurring billing method, or pre-paid or pay by invoice type account.

Mobile is very important for a marketplace because most searches take place of a phone or tablet.

So I am not trying to throw cold water on your idea but you need to really think through your market, marketing plan and operational strategy. Do some planning.