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AO234, post: 204818 wrote:
Redistributing. Things like hundreds and thousands, chocolate chips, m&m/smarties etc.

I have emailed the council and awaiting a reply.

Ah ok. Keep us posted on their response…I’m always keen to find out outcomes :)

Your list is pretty comprehensive so you sound like you have a good idea of what you want to do :)

I recommend keeping a strong focus on three things:

(1) Your numbers. Know them backwards (buy price low quantity, buy price high quantity, sell price retailer, sell price consumer, margins, wholesale or catering discounts – if you intend to branch out into that). Everything must make sense and make a profit for you, no matter which way you turn it.

(2) Keep overheads as low as possible (i.e.: use excel for accounting in the first 6 months). When you make sales and can see growth, then start adding additional expenses.

(3) MARKETING. Number one thing. Without it, no sales. Focus your money and your time on knowing in advance how you will get your name and product out there. If you have a solid plan, it will help keep you focused when you’ve got the product sitting there, the website done, the general business startup activities complete, and you’re wondering how to get it all into people’s mouths!

Wish you every success :)