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Hi Zac,

I wouldn’t risk it. It’s too close, and you should think of a name that distinguishes you from everyone else. If their products have a really bad reputation, you wouldn’t want people confusing you with them.

I imagine based on the name you want, your product protect items from storm or hail damage by covering them?

How are you distributing the product? Are you ranging within stores and using retailer relationships to push sales (i.e.: POS displays, etc), or are you selling predominantly online?

This does make something of a difference to the name you choose, because in store you are relying on self-explanatory packaging to generate sales. If you choose a wacky business name, you have to put it in the top left hand corner and allow good packaging copywriting to sell the product for you.

Online it doesn’t matter if your product name is StormGuard or XoXo – SEO optimisation will be the same for both, and you have as much chance of someone searching for one name as you do for the other.