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Hi Jayne,

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I did run it past my father in law that I would like him to come to the meeting and was met with “I’m an accountant mate, not a business owner. You know more about business management that I do” which concerned and worried me ha ha.

Its not as nice a feeling stepping through the door from senior management to ownership. At least as a senior manager I had the safety net of (If I mess up somebody else will pick up the slack). Mind you I very rarely made mistakes and always made sure I learned from them to make sure they didn’t happen twice but having that safety net of “Its not my name on the sign” was always a buffer but he sort of drove it in that if I fail this time I am the one putting out the fires :P

Still rather excited to be transitioning to ownership and can’t wait to get the keys!

I spoke with the agent today (who was the same agent managing the company when I ran the store which helped) and have a formal meeting on Thursday to discuss some option. I have looked over the portfolio, checked the last 3 years P&L and checked the plant and equipment inventory and stock list and am satisfied with what I saw. Healthy profits over the last 3 years straight with increases to sales and net profit each year.

Just need my father in law to sign off and its happyness HO!!!!