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FS Concierge, post: 204796 wrote:
Hi EZbuy,

Can you please explain what a Taobao agent is? That’s a term I’ve not heard before.

Taobao is a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Amazon that is operated in China by Alibaba Group.

(courtesy of Wikipedia)

I hadn’t heard of it either. So essentially, you connect Australian buyers with Chinese/Taiwan/US shops and allow them to buy the products through you, delivered to their door?

Is this a way around the ‘local purchases only’ issue that many people experience when trying to buy from American sites?

Do you act as an agent for Chinese factories or is just retail locations? Do the retail locations have websites? Do you link customers to retail websites where they pick products and come back to your site to order, or does your site have a huge listing of products?

Sorry for all the questions – just interested to learn more :)