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FS Concierge, post: 204796 wrote:
Thanks for joining the forum, and for telling us a bit about yourself. Next time you pop by, we’d also love it if you’d tell us your name (we’re all very friendly around here!)

Hi :) My name is Aaron. 33 and father of two. Hard working but slightly out of my depth with this new role as I know pretty much nothing on a professional level about marketing. Currently I’m under a lot of pressure as our first campaigns have been very unsuccessful. This includes working with a marketing company to do flyers, running a giveaway promotion to try and promote our FB page and website and more. Even the flyers, we sent out to 100,000 homes – and only ended up with 150 registrations, and just 19 purchases.

FS Concierge, post: 204796 wrote:
Can you please explain what a Taobao agent is? That’s a term I’ve not heard before.

RachelWrites, post: 204814 wrote:
Taobao is a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Amazon that is operated in China by Alibaba Group.

Hi FS Concierge and RachelWrites. This is correct. Taobao is essentially a marketplace that is saturated with products from manufacturers all over China. This means you can get great prices for products that are otherwise brought in and marked up big time.

There are already several Taobao agents in Australia, but their services have only ever been targeted to the Chinese market. It is understandable as many of the Chinese sites are in Chinese only, but we feel that this is unfair and want to open up the opportunity to the whole of Australia to enjoy the savings that are possible.

RachelWrites, post: 204814 wrote:
I hadn’t heard of it either. So essentially, you connect Australian buyers with Chinese/Taiwan/US shops and allow them to buy the products through you, delivered to their door?

That is correct. We offer delivery to the home and are currently working on collection points for those who don’t want to have items shipped to their home.

RachelWrites, post: 204814 wrote:
Is this a way around the ‘local purchases only’ issue that many people experience when trying to buy from American sites?

Yes. We have a local shipping address where items can be sent to in the US so that local purchases are a possibility. The same goes for China and Taiwan. At these locations, we then perform visual inspections of items as well as package consolidation.

RachelWrites, post: 204814 wrote:
Do you act as an agent for Chinese factories or is just retail locations? Do the retail locations have websites? Do you link customers to retail websites where they pick products and come back to your site to order, or does your site have a huge listing of products?

Our site has a list of recent purchases, but beyond this – shoppers are required to find what they want to purchase on the seller sites. Be this Taobao, Amazon, Walmart or pretty much any other online site from the three countries, we can handle it.