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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for filling us in!

I know your service is in demand – there have been a few new stories over the past year about the lack of access Australians have to the quality deals offered online in other countries.

I haven’t seen your site (you must have one having done flyers, etc – maybe post a link?) – do you have a long list of possible stores people can buy things from? I.e.: if I found myself on your site, do you just tell me you can get the stuff if I find it. Or do you say “check out this, check out that and if you like something, we can get it!”?

People (and by people, I mean me) are lazy. I’m not going to click on your site, then go back to google and try and find a product, then come back if I can’t get it delivered. I want to come to your site, click on your link, open a new site in a new window with heaps of cool products, make a list and then come back to you to get it for me.

I’m sure the younger, cooler ones may do it differently. But for a novice like me that would be the case!

I really like the local collection points idea. That’s definitely a point of difference.

With your marketing, I’d say that the problem is your target market is too wide.

Flyer distribution normally has a return rate of about 1%, so your figures are a bit low but not surprising. Where you distributed to and what your copy was may have influenced your results. Without seeing them it’s hard to know.

But I’d say most likely, you’re trying to be everything to everyone, i.e.: ‘Need this from overseas? No worries – we’ll get it!’ rather than honing in on a specific target market.

If, for example, you concentrated your efforts on young women shoppers (maybe even executive young women), with images and links on social media of gorgeous bags, shoes, cheap Louis Vuitton, etc you may get different results. Offline you might sponsor some event that focusses on this target demographic, or find a complementary business and run a joint promotion.

If you were hoping more for wholesale / distribution bulk buys rather than individual customer sales, I’d start looking for wholesalers or distributors within the retail sector you would like to target (i.e.: homewares, clothes, gift items, etc) and work out how you could offer your service to them before you start making appointments and targeting them directly.

Hope this helps a bit – if I’ve misunderstood the offering, business or market in anyway please feel free to put me in my place :)