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Hi Rachel,

Thank you for the advice. I would say you are pretty spot on with the idea of the marketing being too wide. Currently I am in the process of identifying three target audiences, locating Facebook pages with which to interact and also hunting down some product suggestions for these markets to use with advertising. It’s a lot more tricky than it seems.

I completely understand what you mean by people being lazy. This is something that I brought up with our parent company when I met with them last time, and it is why we have the ‘recent’ purchases section. It does not help, in my opinion, that people have to visit our site multiple times for a purchase – but it is necessary due to the way that the system works. First you have to pay for the products – and then you have to pay shipping once we consolidate and quote the shipping cost.

I’m also aware that the fact we only accept PayPal at this stage is a barrier. I’m sure that a lot of people are not keen on the idea that they have to ALSO pay the 3% PayPal transfer surcharge in order to put funds in their account with us.

TBH I’m feeling very much at a loss and I have the CEO of the company breathing down my neck after the abysmal results from the first marketing campaigns. I know there is a need for the service, but how to get people to use it is a whole different story.