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KM Web Designer, post: 204921 wrote:
The non-compete agreement I signed during employment doesn’t give a time frame. It was a single line, something along the lines of “after employment, you must not approach any client with the intent of undertaking work”.

Would this agreement be enforceable as there is no time frame and what do you think would be the best way to go about this?

It’s an older post but though I would add my experience and legal advice I received.

You cannot restrict access to a persons livelyhood unless you compensate them. That’s why senior executives get such big salaries and payouts when they leave. It’s to allow them to live comfortable for a while and prevent them going to the competition for a year or so.

I had a non-compete clause but as it effectively stopped me from getting any work in my field (and hence being able to survive) it was not considered enforceable by the solicitor I consulted. It seems every company (no matter the size) inserts some sort of non-compete clause in employee contracts as a scare tactic.

In your case there could be the argument that they are not restricting access to your livelyhood as they are providing you work (and with that client to boot). I’m not a lawyer though and I’m sure the legal fraternity has lots of case examples to support for and against arguments.